The Best LED Lights For Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom wants to shine, but it is being held back by its lighting being hidden behind a bushel, or possibly an old, out of date wall fitting.

In fact, when was the last time you even looked up at the light fitting arrangement in your bathroom? It might have been a long time since the lighting was changed in there – in fact, it might not have been altered at all since you moved in.

Which is why it needs a lift and the way to do this best is to install some LEDs in there.

LEDs for your bathroom could be the simplest thing – like badkamer spotjes. These small yet productive bathroom spots are the go to inbouw LED spotjes for bathrooms.


Don’t be tempted to fit any old type of inbouw spots. These need to be properly designed for the heat and moisture of the bathroom.

In fact, this is the first thing that needs to be considered when you change the lighting in your bathroom.

We strongly suggest that your inbouwspotjes LED be specially made for the bathroom like inbouw led spots badkamer are.

We would also advise that you engage the services of a qualified electrician – especially if you are replacing one old and central light fitting with a lot of different types of lighting.

You need to ensure electrical safety first and foremost in your bathroom.

Did you know that the bathroom is divided into zones, where it is safe to place lighting (and then, the right types of lighting).

Smaller bathrooms may have to incorporate fewer lights, simply because they will be too close to the shower or bath fittings. You will also have to take care around the sink as well, for the same reason.

This does not mean that you cannot change the lighting, just that you should take professional advice before making any changes yourself.

The good news is that LEDs such as inbouw LED spotjes (built-in spots LED) can usually be placed somewhere in the space, just out of the immediate reach of water or steam.


The best places to fit your LED inbouwspots badkamer are around the sides of the main mirror.

Whatever you do, do not position them right above your face – it won’t do you any favours at all – especially not first thing in the morning.

Ensure the lighting is clear and ambient by fitting the badkamer spotjes at an equal distance on either side of the room and mirrors.


Creating the mood in your bathroom can also be achieved by a range of LEDs.

From the LED lighting strips, that can run along your floorboards and bathtubs to LED inbouwspots dimbaar, that can be dimmed at the touch of a button – your bathroom can be brought to life and then effectively turned back down whenever you need it to be.


It is not all about atmosphere in the bathroom, although of course this matters greatly.

There are also the practical considerations to bear in mind. After all, you need enough light to actually see by when you are trimming your toenails!

But this does not mean that the lighting has to be overwhelming or unduly harsh, like it may have been in the past.

Once again, the addition of many smaller, LED lights can provide both adequate task lighting, as well as a pleasant ambient light in general.

A mirror with an LED light is always a welcome addition to any bathroom. It can provide extra clarification for tasks such as applying makeup and shaving by. And unlike an overhead light, it won’t exaggerate your dark circles and pale blotchy skin!

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